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Workplace Fire Preparedness and Prevention: What You Need to Know

You may not think about it, but the possibility of a fire starting in your office or workplace isn’t out of the question.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), 22% of fires that occurred in stores and business properties were due to electrical failure or malfunction. In offices, about 22% of fires started in the kitchen/cooking area. 11% of fires were due to heating equipment.

A fire can start anywhere.

Many businesses have a fire safety plan in place. But, it’s useless unless all your employees are aware of it and know what to do in an emergency.

Keep Every Employee Safe with Workplace Fire Preparedness Tips

Here’s how to make sure everyone knows the plan and can get out safely in case of fire. The importance of workplace fire preparedness cannot be understated.

1. Know the Plan

You may have a plan in place, but you need someone in charge to execute it. They should know the plan inside-out and be able to convey it to others. This person is usually designated the “fire safety officer.”

The plan should involve escape routes – the fastest and safest ways out of the building in case of fire. It should also mention a meeting place, the safe spot where everyone can be accounted for.

2. Have the Right Equipment and Supplies

Most building codes require fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. Other equipment that can come in handy is first aid kits, flashlights, and smoke masks.

3. Practice Workplace Fire Preparedness

Once the plan is in place, you need to practice. The fire safety officer should lead drills and prevention training regularly. This keeps the procedures fresh in every employee’s mind.

4. Learn about Prevention

Prevention is just as important, if not more, than preparedness. Hold sessions regularly that teach employees easy ways to avoid starting fires. A few prevention measures include:

  • Unplugging electronics, like microwaves and coffee makers, at the end of the work day.
  • Keeping emergency exits like fire doors clear of obstructions.
  • Storing paper and other flammable material in safe places, away from smoking areas, electrical outlets, and hot equipment.

Keep Everyone Safe in the Workplace

Workplace safety is important to everyone. Make sure your workplace fire preparedness plan is in place and practiced regularly. In an emergency, you’ll be glad everyone knows what to do.

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