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Kitchen Equipment and Floor Cleaning

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to kitchen equipment and floor cleaning.

In these areas, cleanliness is extremely important for hygienic and safety purposes. There are plenty of options to choose from for kitchen equipment cleaning in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. We understand that keeping floors and equipment in great condition requires a thorough approach.

Pre-Job Inspection: Starting Off Properly

Because this type of service is so important, most customers want to know exactly what they’re getting before the project begins. In terms of the type of cleaning which will be done and what it will include, it is usually a good idea to get a quote beforehand. We all know how having something in writing can be more secure when it comes to paying for services.

Cleaning Standards: Why Detail Matters

Both equipment and floor cleaning can vary depending on the customer’s need. We know that some people have higher standards when it comes to what they expect from cleaning services. While certain cleaning techniques are more thorough, they can also pose hazards. We suggest discussing these needs beforehand, and finding out about any dangers that equipment or floors could sustain form cleaning methods.

Though many methods are designed to be as harmless as possible, certain surfaces and materials may still sustain minor damage. This can include chipping, discoloration, and more. Another fact to consider is that equipment should be shut down for a bit before cleaning begins. We recommend at least 24 hours of downtime for any piece of kitchen machinery that is about to be cleaned.

Staying Safe During a Cleaning Job

As a provider of fire services in New Orleans, we know all about safety when it comes to kitchen equipment. Basic safety practices still apply, thus the top priorities in any cleaning job involve ensuring equipment is disconnected from energy sources and that all controls are protected.

Choosing the Right Type of Protective Equipment

Everything from the machinery to the chemicals used for these jobs can pose a risk. Sometimes a simple pair of safety goggles or chemical-resistant gloves can be enough to help avoid accidents, and it’s usually a good idea to protect the work area with plastic coverings. The type of safety equipment used may vary depending on the type of job.

Advanced Cleaning Methods: Reconditioning and More

From hand cleaning to machine washes, there are many options available for kitchen cleaning. Chemical cleaning is a popular choice that can provide a better end result. Some chemicals used for kitchen equipment cleaning in Southern Mississippi may need to be tested first on an inconspicuous surface to ensure they won’t do more harm than good.

In some cases, customers may opt for reconditioning. This practice involves repainting areas that have sustained noticeable damage. Neutralization, another common step in the kitchen-equipment cleaning process, involves rising off equipment after chemical cleaning.

Common Tools Used for Cleaning Equipment

Different groups use different strategies for kitchen equipment and floor cleaning, but most use similar tools. Things like scrappers, steel wool, wire brushes, and steamers are all versatile and valuable instruments for performing these types of cleaning jobs.

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Raymond Dupont

We have Fire 1 come in every 3 months and clean our entire kitchen. We wanted to have a deep clean every quarter to be able to start fresh. We didn’t know what to expect before the first time and we were very pleased with the results. They take care of the exhaust hood, fryers, range, walls, and floors. It looks like a new kitchen when they are finished. I would like to personally thank Vincent and his team for all his efforts.

Raymond Dupont
Hilton. General Manager
Reffick Ali

I heard about Fire1 from a GM we hired and he strongly recommended we switch to them to handle our hood cleanings and fire inspections. I’m sure glad I listened to him, they have been a excellent company and have taken a lot of stress off enabling me to focus on my business not the maintenance for my hoods.

Reffick Ali
KFC. Franchisee Owner
Paul Lott

We are very pleased with Fire1 taking care of all our needs for our kitchen. They do a great job cleaning the entire system and doing inspections on our Ansul system and extinguishers. They are very professional and on time. Couldn’t ask for a better company for my locations.

Paul Lott
Burger King. Dir of Operations