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School Fire Prevention Pays for Itself

Did you know that every year over 5,000 fires take place on educational properties? These properties include nurseries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, high schools, colleges, and adult educational facilities. According to a National Fire Protection Agency report, between 2009 and 2013, school fires caused one death, more than 70 injuries, and property damages of over $80 million every year.

The best solution to avoid fires in your institution, contain them, or minimize their consequences is to implement a viable school fire prevention plan. This becomes obvious when looking at the main causes of school fires.

Causes for School Fires and How to Prevent Them 

According to the same NFPA report:

  • 38% of school fires are set intentionally
  • 30% of school fires begin in the locker room or lavatory
  • 20% of school fires begin in a cooking area.

What can we learn from this? Fire prevention education remains the first step to fire prevention. Both students and employees require in-depth training on how to avoid inadvertently causing a fire and what to do in case a fire does start. They all need to understand and be prepared for their responsibilities.

Fire prevention and suppression equipment is important as well. All schools should have functional smoke detectors and fire suppressors installed. Once installed, these systems need regular maintenance. Without it, they could break down and fail to protect the buildings and everyone inside if a fire starts

Although all schools must have fire extinguishers placed strategically throughout the building. Sometimes, unfortunately, these devices are relocated by students or during cleaning. Conducting regular building inspections allows for the identification of misplaced or missing fire extinguishers, and a chance reposition or replace them. Inspections also allow the identification of fire extinguishers that have been used and need inspection, refilling, and resealing. With everything in place and maintained, even if a fire starts, containing and putting it out will be easy.

Your school kitchens and lavatories need special attention, too. Without regular cleaning, fans and steam exhaust systems can get clogged with dirt and grime. They could cause a fire themselves, or fail to remove the smoke in case a fire starts from another cause, increasing the damage and making the school evacuation more difficult.

A thorough fire prevention inspection will include the fans and exhaust systems as well. After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report with the findings and the recommended course of action. You will have a chance to schedule any additional fire prevention services as you see fit, in order to be able to plan and adjust your budget.

Fire Prevention Services Aren’t as Costly as You May Think

Contrary to general opinion, fire prevention services are not necessarily costly. The costs depend on the complexity of the service you require. You can ask for a simple inspection and fire risk assessment, or have all the exhaust, ventilation, smoke detection, and fire suppression systems checked, repaired, upgraded, or replaced.

To make sure you get quality services at affordable costs, hire a reputable company like Fire1 Services. We rely on highly qualified and experienced staff and high-end equipment to provide some of the most affordable and efficient fire prevention services in Louisiana and the entire U.S. With us, school fire prevention is both easy and affordable. Contact us, and see for yourself!