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Fire Alarm

How to Respond When Your Fire Alarm Is Making Noise

Fire alarms are safety devices that have saved countless lives.

However, they’re only effective if you can understand the different warning signals and sounds they make. Learn how to properly respond to these sounds to get alerted effectively, not to mention safely respond to a fire emergency.

What to Do When Your Fire Alarm Is Making Noise: Listen Carefully

Sometimes your fire alarm can go off for no discernable reason.

Before you assume this is the case, always make sure there isn’t a fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, you may have as little as a few minutes or less to get out of the building safely after the nearest alarm goes off.

If there is a fire, there will be warning signals. Here are a few tell-tale signs there’s a fire somewhere in the house or building:

  • The air may have a hazy appearance as the smoke spreads
  • If it’s an electrical fire, you’ll smell something burning or feel heat coming from the outlets
  • The lights may flicker or go out completely

It’s always safer to simply leave a commercial building if the alarm goes off.

If there’s no fire, here are the sounds your alarm may make (and how to read them).

The Alarm Is Sounding for No Reason

There are a few reasons your alarm may be sounding with no smoke or fire.

  • The sensor may be dirty
  • The device may be confused due to humidity or some other weather factor
  • The alarm is old and needs replacing

The Alarm Is Beeping or Chirping

If the alarm isn’t emitting a continuous noise, but rather short beeps or chirps, it could be for one of these reasons:

  • The battery is low
  • The alarm is dirty, including the sensor chamber

Fire Alarm Making Noise? Fire 1 Services Can Help

Once you understand why your fire alarm is making noise, you can address the issue. There are several solutions, including changing the batteries, cleaning the sensor chamber, and installing a new alarm.

For help with your smoke alarms, including installation and troubleshooting, call on Fire 1 Services. We can test and inspect your equipment and make sure you’re prepared for any fire emergency.