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Mystery Smell in Your Kitchen? You May Need Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Your commercial kitchen is where the magic happens. However, this won’t be true if you are dealing with a mystery smell.

If you have a strange smell, it could filter out to your dining room and turn off your guests. It could even lead to complaints and bad reviews. After all, a bad smell can give your customers reason to believe your premises are unsanitary – and that’s very bad for food businesses.

You know your kitchen isn’t dirty. So, what’s the problem?

Head to your commercial stove. Then, look up.

Yep – it’s your kitchen hood.

How Kitchen Hood Cleaning Keeps Your Business Safer – and Smelling Good

More than likely, your dirty kitchen hood is to blame for your mystery smell. Especially if you frequently deep-fry and cook with oil, your hood will be coated with a mix of grease and grime.

It doesn’t smell good, sure, but it’s also a fire hazard.

That grease build-up is highly flammable. If something sparks a flame in the kitchen – and this is highly possible – the grease is perfect fuel to send everything up in smoke.

Luckily, the problem can be fixed and prevented. How?

Easy. You need kitchen hood cleaning to erase the smell and prevent fire hazards.

How Kitchen Hood Cleaning Works

When you get your industrial or commercial kitchen hood cleaned, you get that grease blasted away. The pros use equipment that’s industrial strength, which returns your hood to bare, shining metal.

Along with your hood, professionals will also clean your fan, exhaust, filters, pipes, and nozzles. Grease can build up on all these surfaces, too. If you are constantly deep-frying foods like French fries, fried chicken, onion rings, and more, you’ll need regular hood and equipment cleanings.

The pros will even clean your walls and other equipment if you have a lot of grease built up. Even if you specialize in diner food or bar food, your premises don’t have to smell that way.

Eliminate That Mystery Smell for Good

You can eliminate the mystery smell and have your customers enjoying the fresh air. You probably just need a good, thorough kitchen hood cleaning to get your business looking and smelling fresh.

Kitchen hood cleaning is one of the jobs Fire 1 Services does best. Contact us today for your business in greater New Orleans, greater Baton Rouge, and southern Mississippi.