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The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Your commercial kitchen is probably a fast-paced area.

Whether you work in a restaurant or a catering business, proper maintenance is important for your kitchen. One of the most basic and vital types of maintenance is kitchen hood cleaning.

Keeping your kitchen’s hood cleaned provides with several benefits. You’ll reduce the risk of fires, cut down on emissions, and even reduce costs for your commercial location. Whether you’re having this maintenance performed by a third party or doing it yourself, it’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date on your kitchen hood cleaning.

A Clean Hood Can Reduce Fire Hazards

Hoods are designed to stop heat, smoke, and grease from drifting throughout the kitchen. By catching these things, the hood makes the kitchen a bit easier to work in. It also helps to guard against fires.

When your hood becomes clogged or dirty, though, it becomes more susceptible to fires. As grease residue builds up to the inside of a hood, intense heat can ignite it. When a hood is dirty, it serves as more of a liability than an asset.

Our degreasers and pressure washers use industrial-strength technology to clean all hoods as well as all fans, filters, and pipes connected to them.

Reducing Emissions and Promoting Healthy Conditions

A clean kitchen hood catches cooking debris and grime to improve a kitchen’s air quality.

Heat, steam, and odors are all common in kitchens. No matter how big the room is, air quality is very important for the health of your staff and customers.

Our high-end equipment allows us to clean even the most stubborn and neglected kitchen hoods, improving the environment at your commercial location.

Maintaining Compliance and Reducing Liability

Reducing liability is an important task for kitchen owners. A clean kitchen hood promotes safety, and it is an integral part of the safety inspection in most modern fire suppression systems. Having regular hood cleaning may help you lower your insurance costs.

You may also be required to clean your kitchen hoods often to meet regulatory compliance. Failure to do so may result in problems for your kitchen, and this makes hood cleaning a very important type of maintenance that every kitchen owner should remember.

Fire 1 Safety is certified to NFPA 96 standards, and we can make sure your commercial location is safe and up to code.

Should You Clean the Hood Yourself?

If you’re familiar with kitchen equipment and understand the best way to clean your kitchen hood, regular servicing is a good idea. You should make sure you’re handling this important type of maintenance properly so you don’t put your kitchen at risk.

Fire 1 Services offers regular inspections to make sure your hood is clean and safe. Kitchen fire suppression systems rely heavily on hoods to reduce the chance of an accident. These professionals can inspect hoods and ensure they’re ready to provide you with maximum protection.

Your kitchen hood is an important part of your safety setup. Keeping these hoods clean can mean the difference between a safe kitchen and an accident waiting to happen.