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Hospital Kitchen Safety and Fire Prevention Services

Basic Needs for Healthcare Facilities: Hospital Kitchen Safety and Fire Prevention Services

Did you know that the fire departments in the U.S. respond to over 5,000 structure fires affecting health care facilities each year? According to a National Fire Protection Agency report, the annual average for the 2009-2013 period was of 5,650 fires, causing several deaths, hundreds of injuries, and tens of millions of dollars in property damage. Approximately 65% of these fires were caused by cooking equipment. This percentage reveals the importance of regular maintenance for cooking equipment, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers/suppression systems, and fire extinguishers as means to ensure hospital kitchen safety.

Whether we care to admit or not, healthcare facilities in Louisiana and across the country are still vulnerable to fires starting from the kitchen. Why? The factors are numerous, but let’s review the most important.

Why Healthcare Facilities Are Vulnerable to Fire Hazards

  • The exhaust systems in hospital kitchens are heavily used, and, therefore, subject to dirt and grime buildup. The grease and steam adhere to their components, clogging them and making them vulnerable to flames.
  • Without regular inspections and maintenance, smoke detectors and sprinkler/suppression systems in healthcare facilities trap dust and moisture that render them useless in case of fire.
  • Fire extinguishers, the most convenient way to put out or contain a fire, are easy to misplace in crowded facilities, like hospitals or nursing centers. Far from reach, empty, and uninspected, fire extinguishers become useless.

All these systems and devices need regular inspections and maintenance. When they get old and inefficient, they need upgrades or replacements. These qualify as fire prevention services, are more affordable than you would think, and are well worth paying for.

It is preferable to cover a small maintenance fee, or the cost of basic fire prevention services, than to discover that the fire prevention and suppression equipment in the entire facility needs replacement, or to put up with the consequences of an actual fire.

How to Ensure Hospital Kitchen Safety and Prevent Fires

It all begins with a hospital fire inspection, and Louisiana fire prevention companies often offer this service as part of more comprehensive packages that include cleaning and repair services. Their technicians check every inch of the healthcare facility, assess fire risks, and propose corresponding fire prevention measures.

These measures can include cleaning and repairing kitchen equipment, like the exhaust and ventilation systems; checking, repairing or upgrading fire alarms and sprinklers to make sure they work properly; and checking, refilling, and sealing fire extinguishers.

In order to ensure hospital fire safety, every facility should benefit from regular fire inspections and prevention services, provided by a specialized and reliable company. The first criterion to recognize such a company should be the license. In Lousiana, for example, such a company would have to hold a Louisiana State Fire Marshall License. Other important aspects would be personnel qualification, and previous customer reviews.

Fire 1 Services is such a company. Throughout the past decade, we have built an impressive client portfolio and a matching reputation. Our services cover inspections and repairs of fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, kitchen exhaust systems, exhaust fans, etc. From hospital kitchen safety measures to building fire prevention plans, nothing is too difficult or complicated for us. Whatever your fire service needs, we’ll be sure to accommodate them, just contact us today!