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Fire Sprinkler

Fire Suppression System Maintenance and Repair

Whether you are responsible for the health and safety of a school or hospital, having a properly installed and maintained fire suppression system is key. Fire suppression systems provide 24-hour protection in case of a fire emergency.

It is important to schedule regular maintenance for your fire suppression system to ensure that the proper inspections and repairs are taken care of. Failing to do so could ultimately result in the destruction of property or harm to employees, patients, guests, or students.

To prevent this, be sure to work with a certified fire prevention and protection specialist. Fire 1 Services can take care of all of your fire suppression system maintenance and repairs. We are proud to have been offering fire protection services for over a decade, and have the knowledge and experience to handle a variety of maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

Here are some of the fire suppression systems and extinguishers that Fire 1 Services can assist you with if you need maintenance, repairs, or inspections:

  • Ansul
  • Pyro-Chem
  • Range Guard
  • Amperes
  • Buckeye
  • Protex

Fire Extinguisher Services

It is important that all services, including refills and recharging, are done by a certified professional. Fire extinguishers must meet the municipal fire code for your area. You can feel confident that the team at Fire 1 Services has the necessary qualifications and industry experience to handle these important services correctly.

Fire Inspections

Fire suppression systems require both maintenance and inspection in order to function properly. Many companies install a system and then do not take the proper precautions of receiving regular maintenance and inspections. Do not risk the events that could accompany a fire emergency with an uninspected or unserviced fire suppression system.

Be sure to schedule regular inspections and maintenance on your fire suppression systems to ensure that your property is kept safe in case of a fire emergency.

Fan Maintenance and Repair Services

It is important to remember that the commercial kitchen on your property also needs to be regularly serviced and repaired to prevent and protect against a fire emergency.

One of the most important parts of a commercial kitchen is the hood ventilation fan. Without proper maintenance, there are several serious problems that may occur. In fact, the rest of your cooking equipment will not work properly in the event that the hood ventilation fan needs repair.

Fire 1 Services is qualified to repair any of the ventilation fan issues that may arise, including service to the belts, bearings, fan blades, or motors. They can also take care of shaft replacements and fan upgrades.

The Goal of Fire 1 Services

For over a decade, Fire 1 Services has been providing high-quality service to their clients in the Greater New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Southern Mississippi area. It is their goal to ensure that all of your fire prevention and protection systems meet the municipal fire code in your area, so that your property is as safe as possible in the event of a fire emergency.