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Fire Prevention: The Right Type of Fire Protection System by Industry

Commercial fire prevention is essential for the safety of every person who walks into the building.

However, there are different fire protection systems that suit different scenarios or situations. The right one depends on how the building is used and how many people occupy it at a given time.

The main point to remember that there is no blanket solution for every type of commercial building.

So, with all this in mind, what’s the right type of fire protection system setup for schools, businesses, and restaurants?

Learn About the Best Type of Fire Protection System by Industry

Commercial buildings used for different industries will have different fire protection needs.

Fire Protection for Schools

Fire safety is a huge necessity in schools. Hundreds of students and teachers occupy these buildings each day. In case of an emergency, the right protection has to be in place to avoid disaster.

In particular, fires in school kitchens are a risk. School cafeterias serve a lot of people with industrial equipment that poses a fire hazard. To keep any blaze from getting out of control in this environment, a fire suppression system is essential.

Plus, an array of systems should be in place throughout the entire building, including fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers.

Fire Protection for Businesses

Business fires, such as in office buildings or retail stores, most often occur in the kitchen. Closely following are malfunctioning electrical systems.

For small kitchen fires, fire extinguishers are necessary, and sprinkler systems ensure safety so fires don’t spread. Of extra importance is emergency lighting, which helps illuminate exits.

The Essential Type of Fire Protection System for Restaurants

In commercial kitchens with equipment like industrial fryers, hoods, fans, and more, a big fire hazard is present. Oil used for cooking additionally serves as fuel and a small fire can quickly get out of control. For these areas, a fire suppression system can stop a blaze before it can cause irrevocable damage.

For New Orleans and Baton Rouge Fire Protection, Choose the Experts

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