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Comprehensive Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Louisiana

Fire 1 Services offers an extensive and comprehensive kitchen hood cleaning service, ensuring that your kitchen is clean and functional. Our kitchen cleaning experts offer the following services and utilize industrial strength degreasers and pressure washers to ensure the very best results.

Exhaust Fan Repair

It’s easy to forget just how important a kitchen fan can be. At Fire 1 Services, we ensure all our clients have a working and efficient kitchen fan. We’ll begin with a thorough cleaning and examination, removing baked-on grease, and then move on to fixing the mechanics of the fan to ensure it remains working efficiently.

Fan Maintenance and Servicing

Even working fans need regular maintenance and servicing. Using industrial-strength degreasers and professional pressure washers, we can remove baked-on oil and grease. Available whenever you need, for singular fans or large kitchen setups, Fire 1 Services ensures your kitchen fans are properly maintained and cared for.

Rooftop Grease Containment

Exhaust fans take oil from the air, which over time collects on a variety of surfaces – including the roof. Fire 1 Services can ensure that fans are efficiently collecting oil, and remove any leakages. Our team will also remove grease and oil that has collected on the roof over time.

In kitchens with older fan systems, there are often problems with the channeling of water and oil into the collection box. Fire 1 Services can ensure that grease and oil are properly contained – and our maintenance service will ensure these containment boxes are cleaned and replaced.

Kitchen Air Diagnostics

The Fire 1 Services team provides a ventilation and air flow diagnostic service. We’ll examine how air is moving around a building, and recommend changes to your fan system. This kind of diagnostic test will help property owners avoid fires, and improve air quality while cooking.

Kitchen Exhaust Vent System Cleaning

Exhaust vents must be cleaned on a regular basis. The average kitchen will need maintenance every three to four months, but larger kitchens may require cleaning more frequently. Fire 1 Services ensures your kitchen’s exhaust vent is clean and unobstructed to ensure proper function throughout the year.

The regularity of maintenance depends on the amount of cooking that takes place in the kitchen and how frequently it occurs. Restaurants and cafes will, therefore, need regular cleaning and kitchen exhaust vent cleaning.

General Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

With our professional and industrial cleaning equipment, Fire 1 Services can ensure that all your kitchen equipment is thoroughly clean. We offer regular cleaning and maintenance, or we can provide our services on a one-off basis. Throughout New Orleans, Baton Rouge and surrounding areas in Louisiana, Fire 1 Services can ensure commercial kitchen operations are up to regulation standards.

Protect Yourself with Regular Maintenance

These five elements of kitchen hood cleaning and maintenance do more than just make a kitchen look fresh and clean. In fact, this maintenance ensures that kitchen cookers function efficiently and properly. For kitchens and cafes in Southern Mississippi, it also reduces the risk of a fire and other major accidents.