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Kitchen With Clean Hood

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning: Why It’s Essential for Your Food Business

In a commercial kitchen, cleanliness and safety are two top priorities.

With this in mind, one aspect you can never neglect is the cleanliness of your kitchen hood and exhaust system.

The more you fry, sauté, and cook with oil and grease, the more clogged with the stuff your system will get. And, for many restaurants, that’s a lot, especially if your kitchen has heavy-duty, industrial fryers.

Plus, not only is this grease build-up disgusting, it can become a dangerous fire hazard if left untreated.

3 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Hood Cleaning Service

Make no mistake: commercial hood cleaning is not a job you can tackle on your own.

For one, the grease is incredibly hard to remove without specialized techniques and equipment. For another, you probably don’t have time to mess around with it – you’ve got a business to run, after all.

Finally, kitchen exhausts can be complicated and come with a lot of parts to clean, including the hood, fans, filters, ducts, pipes, and more. It would be impossible for you to clean it yourself without dismantling your kitchen, and most people don’t have that type of knowledge.

Instead, save yourself the time and headache and hire a professional kitchen hood cleaning service.

How Kitchen Hood Cleaning Works to Zap Grease

Here is how a kitchen hood and exhaust system is cleaned with a professional service, like Fire 1 Services.


Before a service can start cleaning your exhaust system and kitchen hood, the area has to be protected. Exposed areas that won’t be cleaned are covered. After all, the point is the get the kitchen cleaner, not to leave a different mess behind.


If the surface is really grime-laden, excess grease will need to be scraped off before any other cleaning chemicals or washing can be done.


The remaining grease will be sprayed with caustic chemicals that help break it up and remove it from all surfaces. These chemicals may be left sitting on the surfaces in order to let them work, depending on the thickness of the grease layer.

Hot Pressure-Washing

The broken-down grease is then washed off the hood and exhaust with hot water from a pressure-washer. The run-off is directed into garbage cans or waste bins so it can be properly disposed of.


Finally, the clean, bare metal is polished to make it shine. You’re left with a spotless, sleek-looking hood and a kitchen that complies with all fire safety codes.

The Takeaway: Get Your Hood and Exhaust Cleaned Regularly

As you can see above, kitchen hood cleaning from Fire 1 Services is a vital part of any food business’s regular maintenance. With service in the greater New Orleans area, southern Mississippi, and the greater Baton Rouge area, Fire 1 Services is only a call away from giving you a sparkling clean hood.

Not only will you have a safe kitchen, your hood and exhaust will also work better at cutting the oil particles from the air during your busiest times. This is good for your cooks, good for air quality, good for your business, and good for your bottom line.