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Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Fires can start in almost any room, but kitchens are at especially high risk.

Whether it’s in a restaurant, church, or catering business, kitchens should always have proper safety setups. Kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to keep people and property safe from harm.

With a proper installation and regular inspections, you can keep your kitchen safe and stay one step ahead of the threats. If you have a commercial kitchen in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Biloxi, let Fire 1 Services protect your kitchen with a robust fire suppression system.

Why Commercial Kitchens Need Reliable Fire Protection

Protecting your kitchen should be a top priority. With so many hazards present, commercial kitchens need dependable fire suppression systems. Heat and grease in a fast-paced, cluttered environment can increase the risk of a fire substantially.

Kitchen fire suppression systems from Fire 1 Services are designed to detect potential issues and provide protection accordingly. With a high-quality system, your commercial kitchen will be safer overall, as well as easier to manage if a problem occurs.

Kitchen Fire Systems Planning and Installation

Part of having reliable fire protection is making sure your system is setup correctly. Without the proper planning and installation, your fire suppression system may be hindered from providing you with holistic protection. Our process involves a detailed consultation and engineering services using CAD drawings.

After plans are made, permits are obtained, and approval is given, the hardware is installed. This includes a factory custom stainless-steel hood, a custom welded grease-duct, and 3M 15A duct-wrap fire proofing.

You’ll have access to electrical control interlocks and on-site coordination to help you ensure you feel comfortable with your new system. In order to keep your system in great shape, Fire 1 Services provides regular maintenance for all kitchen fire suppression systems we install.

Protect Your Commercial Kitchen with Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are important for making sure your system is fully functional, up to date, and providing you the best protection available.

Our technicians will perform a visual inspection of all nozzles and detectors, as well as the unit’s automatic actuation capabilities. The pull-station and gas shut-off capabilities are important for keeping your kitchen safe, so we’ll make sure these items are working properly.

Additional Steps of the Fire Safety Inspection

  • Replacing fusible links
  • Checking tanks for corrosion
  • Checking cylinders
  • Verifying test dates
  • Cleaning nozzles
  • Testing out electronics

Our technicians will record any issues which came up in the inspection, making it easier for us to service your kitchen fire suppression system more efficiently in the future.

Why Choose Fire 1 Services?

At Fire 1 Services, we strive to provide you with the best technology to help you guard against threats. Fires can lead to loss and tragedy, but you’ll always be much safer with one of our kitchen fire suppression systems.

Whether you run a restaurant in New Orleans, a school cafeteria in Baton Rouge, or a catering business in Biloxi, our fire suppression systems offer everything you need to guard against fires.